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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Shaun Berkeley, eh?

 Hailing from LaSalle, Ontario, CA, mechanical engineering student, Shaun Berkeley, plays a major role on the WSU EcoCAR2 team. Equipped with a degree in Automotive Product Design from Barrie, Ontario’s, Georgian College, Shaun was well prepared to function and thrive on the Mechanical team. “I have been highly involved with the vehicle architecture and package, “said Berkeley, of the tasks he has been assigned thus far. More specifically, though, Shaun has created CAD components for the new mechanical and electrical additions to the vehicle, as well as mounting and packaging of the components.

Shaun, a self proclaimed car buff has always enjoyed working on and restoring cars. It is his involvement in the EcoCar2 competition that he credits his new found understanding of each of the vehicles individual components and how they work together. Already proficient in CAD as a result of his automotive design background, Shaun has added 3d design, FEA and automation to his vast skill set. Once done with his degree at WSU, Shaun hopes to land a position in the product design department of one of the Big 3.

Shaun admits to not being as involved in the current happenings of the Mechanical team as he once was. That is because for report 5, he and his CAD skills have been lent out to help other teams prepare to submit their portion of the report. “I’ve been providing some of the other teams with CAD and dimension that they require to search for components such as rear differential and fuel tank,” said Berkeley. It is displays of leadership, dedication, knowledge and a passion to succeed like Shaun’s that will allow us to perform well in the competition. So kudos to Shaun and all of the other team members working hard to not only Aim High, but Aim Hybrid!


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