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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aim Higher – Aim Hybrid

It can be said that the city of Detroit has taken the Cinderella story to an entirely new level.
First, the auto industry tanked and now General Motors is, again, the leading car manufacturer in the world. Then the Detroit Lions, who were 0 – 16 in 2008, made it to the playoffs. Down the road, Wayne State University’s football team was making a very similar comeback by taking themselves to the Division II National Championship game.

These are all great examples of the city’s determination and WSU’s EcoCAR 2 Team is getting in on the action.
WSU’s marketing campaign “Aim Higher” was designed to define Wayne State and set it apart from other universities. The slogan is meant to represent opportunity, success and confidence which flow well with all that the City of Detroit is achieving. After its launch in 2008 it is still an icon of the university’s image and remains heavily endorsed.
The EcoCAR 2 Team decided on an addition to that slogan and logo which will set the standard high for the competition. “Aim Hybrid” was recently approved by the university’s Marketing Advisory Council, who were the brains behind the Aim Higher campaign. The logo uses an electrical cord to replace the “y” in “Hybrid” and lets the image speak for itself.
The goal of the Aim Hybrid campaign is not just to win a competition, but to make a legitimate difference in what people drive. Both the engineering and the outreach team will strive to create the best fuel efficient car and change people’s attitudes about an eco-friendly lifestyle. The team will visit classrooms in the Detroit Public Schools and create other educational events to make this happen.

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