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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Dedication to Diversity

Detroit, Michigan is known for being the home of many things: the automotive industry, innovation, and diversity are among the first to come to mind. With that being said, the newly assembled Wayne State University EcoCAR 2 team is relying heavily on these three things as we prepare for this competition. The culture of our team is reliant upon the perfect combination of these three functions.

Let’s take a deeper look at the role that each function will play. Naturally, since the EcoCAR 2 project is an automotive engineering challenge, cars will be the main focus of our team. 

Innovation is key, as the engineers will be tasked with making modifications to the standard gas burning engine the Chevy Malibu is currently equipped with. 

The last and perhaps the most important function of our team that sets us apart is diversity. The WSU EcoCAR 2 team is very diverse. We have team members that represent 8 different countries: China, India, Egypt, Nigeria and Israel- just to name a few. Additionally, involvement from our female counterparts also demonstrates our diversity as a team. It’s our belief that, in the same way many cultures represented our host city of Detroit to work together for the greater good of the city, that we too will be able to utilize our diversity to accomplish much of the same.

We will rely heavily on the auto industry, diversity and innovation as we AIM HIGHER. AIM HYBRID!

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