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Sunday, April 1, 2012

WSU EcoCAR 2 Team Visits Pulaski School

Detroit’s Pulaski Middle School welcomed the Wayne State EcoCAR 2 Outreach Team to visit with students and educate them on the importance of ecologically-friendly vehicles.
            A representative from the Detroit Clean Cities Coalition, Mary Sell joined Outreach members Jessie LeTarte, Catherine Mitchell, and Jeffrey Rednour on March 14 for a day of interactive education with the sixth through eighth grade students.
            I really enjoyed the event. The Wayne State University Team devised and executed a plan to educate the students on hybrid cars,” said Linda Howard, Literacy Coach at Pulaski. “This was an excellent learning experience for the students at Pulaski Elementary/Middle School and I would definitely invite Wayne State University back to the school again for future projects.
            The team visit included a brief presentation, and an activity that involved assembling an electric motor from a kit prepared by the Outreach team. Kevin Snyder, the team’s Chief Engineer provided the basic design, as well as funding the materials for 200 kits. The motors are composed of a cardboard base, a rubber band, 24 gauge wire, a copper wire coil, reisitors, and a AA battery.
            Unusually warm weather made it possible for Mary Sell to bring Clean Cities’ Chevrolet Volt electric car for the kids to see after the presentation and activity. The students were very interested in how the Volt works, and were excited by the vehicle and its technology.
            Functioning as an extension of Wayne State, the Outreach Team will to continue to provide educational activities in the City of Detroit through the public schools, at WSU and at community events.

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