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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Report 4 Update

The engineering team of Wayne State's EcoCAR 2 team has not been idle. For the past few months our young engineers have been focusing on getting the necessary reports written accurately and on time.  One engineer, Mengjia Cao, related her experience writing the assembly manual for the Assembly and Serviceability section in Report 4.

"When I received this task, the idea of assembling a battery pack on my mind was as simple as 3 steps: first open the door, then put the battery in, and close the door. But, it came out with 48 steps on 22 pages."

For Cao, most of her knowledge of battery packs comes from 3D models, and pictures. By looking at still photos one by one and listening to dictation the whole process plays like a movie.

The EcoCAR 2 competition gives engineering students like Cao access to the key technology in electric and hybrid vehicles. Thanks to the tireless work from students on Report 4 we were able to present a knowledgeable and professional report for the judges. We are now one more step closer to winning the EcoCAR 2 competition.

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